Pink Chair: A Chair. A Conversation. A Change.

We are a survivor-founded and survivor-led faith-based organization providing direct care and trauma-informed services such as safe housing, outreach, advocacy and more for victims of trafficking and abuse. We help women who have been negatively affected by exotic dancing, escorting, prostitution and the sex industry find hope, healing and full restoration.

God loves ALL sex trafficked victims and sex industry participants, and He desires to free them from sexual slavery.

We are working on a name change!

You may know us as Hookers for Jesus and that will always be at the core of what we do. But we will also be operating as Pink Chair moving forward. Please know that our work to help trafficking survivors in need has not changed. This addition will simply enable us to serve MORE women in need. We will continue to use the name Hookers for Jesus for our outreach efforts. Thank you for standing with us!

Did you know that within the first 48 hours of a teenager running away, 1/3 have the propensity to get sex trafficked?


40M people are estimated to be trafficked worldwide.


Only 1% of all trafficking victims actually escape or make it out alive.


79% of all trafficking is sex trafficking.

Our Programs Are Saving Lives.

Our Impact

Through our programs over the last 20 years, we have served more than 15,000 women. This includes escape, safety planning, advocacy, case management, housing, transportation and healing — physically, emotionally and spiritually. We continue to serve these women for their lifetime, thanks to your generous support.

Destiny House/Dream House

Two separate houses that provide a 6-48 month, no charge, transitional estate for sex trafficking victims and commercially exploited women. Our unique residential facilities and programming are designed to address the whole person with trauma informed care: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Services include individualized programs, biblically-based counseling, trauma therapy, nutrition education, fitness instruction, life-skills training and educational opportunities.

Ladies of Destiny

A weekly support group and faith study for trafficking victims, commercially exploited women and any other women interested in joining at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas.

Grace Chicks

A support ministry for transportation, meals, gift cards and resources for sex trafficking victims and commercially exploited women outside of the Destiny House program.


(Keeping Innocent Sisters Safe): Jail outreach for juvenile and adult sex trafficking victims and commercially exploited women. This includes prevention and education about sex trafficking.

Saturday Night Love

Outreach to sex industry participants/sex trafficking victims at the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Hi there! I’m Annie Lobert.

After surviving more than a decade of sex trafficking, I started Hookers for Jesus in 2005. We are a survivor-led outreach and safe house for women looking for an escape from the sex industry. Thank you for supporting us!

Our Core Values.


An intense feeling of deep affection. Love is our top core value at HFJ and the Destiny House and every service, process, policy and procedure is based in and arises out of love for those we serve.


Complete trust or confidence in someone or something. We place our faith first in God. We also have faith in those we serve and their ability to determine their goals and achieve their goals.


The ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain or grief. Entering a program as a survivor takes great courage and strength as does continuing in a program. We believe in the great courage of those we serve.


Freedom from disturbance; tranquility. Peace comes in many forms; inner peace, a peaceful environment and even peace with oneself. We desire to facilitate peace in all of these forms for both staff and clients.


A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements. Due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others – At HFJ and the Destiny House respect must be shown to both staff and clients at all times.

Lives Forever Changed


My name is Tyricka. I’m 23 years old and I have been saved from the life of prostitution. When I was a little girl, I had dreams of becoming a schoolteacher or even a basketball player. But those dreams suddenly vanished because all my hope was lost starting at the age of seven, due to being sexually abused by my own family members. By the time I turned fifteen years old, I was dating men old enough to be my father. And when I turned 18, I was being sex trafficked by a man I thought loved me. Because of my age and vulnerability, I was easily manipulated into the life of prostitution. By the time I turned 20 years old I had been through things no young adult should ever have to endure. I didn’t have any good guidance in my life. I lost all hope, degraded myself, and couldn’t see a bright future.


My name is Amy and I am 40 years old. My life before I met Jesus was, at the very least, as mess. A mess that only Jesus could clean up. I grew up in a broken home without any knowledge of who Jesus was, but a knowing there was a God and with a dream of being a cosmetologist and one day owning my own salon and one day my own beauty products. I became a teen mom, a teen wife and then a teen stripper. After nine years in an on and off, sick, dysfunctional marriage full of abuse and infidelity on both side and two more kids by two different men, I found myself divorced, a prostitute, using drugs, giving my money to pimps, and had to give up custody of my three kids to my abusive ex-husband who was also on drugs. I was suicidal. I lost everything. I lost my kids, my house, my vehicle, the dog, and most of all I lost myself.


I am Monique and I am 21 years old. Destiny House has helped me out a lot; they have helped me to find my true self and the beauty that is deep down within myself; the smart unique young lady with goals and a bright future. Destiny House is great for me to just focus on myself and to heal from my broken past. They have also helped me to let Jesus back into my life and to let me know that nothing is possible without him. Jesus has helped me to realize that I’m here for a special time in my life and with him and his guidance I’m going to make it.


Lost alone on dialysis and raising my son, a product of a relationship in the “game” consumed with low self-esteem and guilt, I believed I was stuck in prostitution, justifying or putting a constant band aid on my problems, a Mercedes, homes, material junk the whole in my heart growing on the verge of swallowing me. The enemy and his sneer, he had me almost. A small voice a constant faint scream, muffled nagging at me. I reached out over a course of three years to HFJ, the tug of war, and a seemingly never ended game. Exhausted I surrendered; I became a guest at Destiny House. I was received in complete love and my healing began.


My name is Tina. I was once lost, sex trapped in human trafficking from the ages of 14-30. As a teenage runaway I was tricked by a pimp to go work in a brothel in the Deep South. It was a rocked facility heavily guarded. Very far out in the country I had to endure months of being “broke.” This entailed severe beating and sometimes being chained to a bed forced to service the customers. Eventually, I became conditioned and resigned that this was to be my life. I stayed in the game for 15 years under the control of 3 different pimps. The year I turned 30 I decided I couldn’t force another day like this. I ran away and went home to my family. I quickly married and had children pushing all the trauma and pain deep down inside.


I am from the state of Tennessee. Hookers for Jesus saved my life from sex traffickers. Destiny House helped me turn my life away from drugs and alcohol. Suicidal thoughts were a major problem. With this help I have found my way back to God, I plan to live a good and holy life. Thank you HFJ.


Since my transition, my journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Learning how to adjust to society again has its struggles but also many blessings along the way. Hookers for Jesus has been amazing at helping me along the way with meeting my needs and always supporting me where I am at. Currently, I am receiving assistance for employment. Because that has been a bit of a struggle due to my background. Despite that, I am still taken care of and know that I will get there when I am meant to. I also am content knowing I have a whole army of amazing people supporting and guiding me along the way of life.

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