I spent nine years in a sick, dysfunctional marriage full of abuse and infidelity.

After having two more children by two different men, I found myself divorced, a prostitute, using drugs, giving my money to pimps, and had to give up custody of my three kids to my abusive ex-husband who was also on drugs. I was suicidal. I lost everything. I lost my kids, my house, my vehicle, the dog, and most of all I lost myself.


I realized I needed Jesus when I met a man that would later become my husband.

He was the husband I thought I did not want, but God had his plan. After a few months of dating and being back in the strip club, we had an argument and in a drunken rage I screamed my famous line, “I don’t give a f***!” and Eric said, “But Jesus loves you.” That changed everything for me. Eric threw all of my “work clothes” in the dumpster and said I would never go back to the club. And the journey began.

That was twelve years ago. It has been a fantastically rough twelve years that has pushed me into Jesus’ arms. Without Jesus I would have repeated my past. Jesus changed me and ultimately changed my life. Because of Jesus I have my family, I have love, I have joy, I have hope, I have peace, and I have a dream, a dream of helping others and changing lives, sharing my faith and the good news of Jesus Christ.

With all that said, February I was back in the strip club for the third time, trying to help support my family. I knew it was not God’s will. I had been in contact with the Director of Destiny House trying to get involved helping girls, but God said I needed the help first before I could help anyone else.

Since being at the Destiny House I have identified and acknowledged behaviors that I developed due to my past. I am able to concentrate on me and my healing. I am receiving counseling and most important I am growing in Christ and gaining knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word. I have support and understanding from other women that have been through similar circumstances.

Although this is the most difficult thing I have done because I am away from my family, I know God brought me here for His reason and purpose. I expect to be prepared to be a better mom and a better wife and a better woman for society equipped with better life skills and job skills and fully prepared to fulfill God’s will for my life. Thank you, Jesus,

Through our programs, we offer transitional support to at-risk women who want to escape the commercial sex industry.