The enemy and his sneer, he almost had me.

A small voice a constant faint scream, muffled nagging at me. I reached out over a course of three years to HFJ, the tug of war, and a seemingly never ended game. Exhausted I surrendered; I became a guest at Destiny House. I was received in complete love and my healing began.


My early studies were on God’s love and the gift through Jesus.

I had to break it all down so I could sit in quiet with no distractions and receive it. It followed and intertwined with behavior our past and the workings of the enemy and whys. I am currently in studies of renewing and building me up, healing so I can fulfill my purpose in the kingdom of God who I’ve been adopted into and finding my purpose and living it out.

I feel the Holy Spirit inside of me, delivered from my afflictions. I now understand what Jesus has done for me and have grown close to God. My creativity has been restored; I’ve let go of a lifetime of regrets and disappointments. Emptiness filled in my soul. The scream from within now a song in my heart, so I now dance a beautiful dance, my life is a ballet. Destiny House is a place of rest and restoration.

I am forever changed no longer chasing temporary gratification, I chase that woman God designed me to be, Proverbs 31 and in my pursuit dance like David. Thank you, Jesus.